Convert Classic Team Site to Communication Site

Nowadays, most of the end users needs to use the last features or change the look at their SharePoint sites and been more productive, actually many companies use the Classic Theme in their sites, many colleagues ask me, how can convert from Classic to Modern Experience but at one site no to the whole tenant, so my answer is use the PnP (Partners & Practices) solutions, here I have an example.

  1. Install the last update of the SharePoint PnP PowerShell
Update-Module SharePointPnPPowerShell*

  1. Connect to the SharePoint site that have the Template Classic Experience to convert
Connect-PnPOnline -Url https://<domain> 

  1. Now, decide which theme needs to apply in your Classic Experience, here, is the list of the IDs that you can deploy:
  • Topic = 96c933ac-3698-44c7-9f4a-5fd17d71af9e
  • Showcase = 6142d2a0-63a5-4ba0-aede-d9fefca2c767
  • Blank = f6cc5403-0d63-442e-96c0-285923709ffc

My recommendation is to use the Blank option and start from there, then execute the next command

Enable-PnPCommSite -DesignPackageId f6cc5403-0d63-442e-96c0-285923709ffc

  1. After a couple seconds the script applied the new Modern Experience

You need to open in another tab in your web browser because the script create a new Site Page

  1. Then proceed with your document libraries and list to convert to a Modern Experience, just only execute the next command
$list = Get-PnPList -Identity "Documents" -Includes ListExperienceOptions

Look at my actual document libraries……

  1. Execute the last commands and your document libraries or list, it would be converted to Modern Experience
$list.ListExperienceOptions = 1

For convert your custom list, just need to change the name or the Identity in your command and then the list is converted to Modern Experience.


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