Dynamic List Filtering

With this amazing feature in SharePoint Online available on List or Document Library, you can filter one list based on a selection made in another list.

In the following example, the “Permits” document library is filtered by a selection in the “Stores” list. When you select an item on the document library it reflects the value on the column in the list.

  1. Create an a list called “Stores” (or decided the best title for your environment)
  1. Create an a document library called “Permits” (you are the master, you can call as you wish!!) and create a Lookup column related to the “Stores” list
  1. Create a Site Page to add the previous content and configure the feature called “Dynamic List Filtering
  1. On the page that you created, add a section layout and select the “Two columns
  1. Add the document library web part to add the library that previously created
  1. Then, add the last one list web part in the other section layout
  1. Select the document library web part and edit
  1. In the settings of the web part, enable the Dynamic filtering
  1. In this options select the columns to filter the library then select the column containing the filter value
  1. Try to play with the different values on your Site page, and the magic is applied…. enjoy!!
Dynamic list filtering
Dynamic list filtering applied


7 thoughts on “Dynamic List Filtering

  1. Well, that is nice, but how do we make the first list into a proper menu?

    I would like the first list to be a horizontal row of ‘buttons’.

    How do we turn off the ‘selection’ for the first list?
    – Users are as likely to click on the item and navigate away from the page!

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    1. Hi Nickatnight,
      Well you can change the view for the first list, for example change the Column Title to only text and disable the option that be clickable with that, you have the possibility to disable that your users do it a click and redirect to the source list, let me know if you have doubts, thanks in advance.


      1. Hi @EP!! – can you give more details on “disable the option that be clickable with that” so that the if users click on the text, it doesn’t redirect them?

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      2. Hi Melissa, in my example the column called “Stores” is a Lookup to other list in SharePoint, so, if you need to disable the option clickable, just not add a lookup column, if you have comments please, let me know, regards.


  2. My clients real world use of libraries are in the range of 10,000 items or more ….
    I am trying to imagine if dynamic filtering would help however the need to be able to isolate (select) the source item first before its shows in the destination web part. They would have to scroll through a lot to get to what they are looking for at the source list

    I wonder if there is a search webpart that would just display the results in the library wepart.


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