Disable Loopback Check

After you deploy the SharePoint Server 2019, it’s a good practice or only for testing (that is our case) to create a SharePoint site. Then go to IE and navigate to your site http://<SharePoint&gt; the windows security dialog box opens, prompting you to enter credentials to access the website and you enter the user name […]

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Today I took on the task of installing, using and maneuvering Office 365 CLI. This solution offers the opportunity to manipulate our Microsoft Office 365 tenant and SPFx projects on any platform, either macOS or Linux using Bash, Cmder or PowerShell. So let’s continue with our own, first install the package as it is distributed […]

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Update SPFx Packages

The new version of SPFx is available to deploy, but before to installed you need to verify which projects are used the current SharePoint Framework. The release notes of SPFx Dynamic Data SharePoint 2019 SPFx for Teams Tabs Teams-based Apps in SharePoint Full page apps Domain Isolated WebParts ListSubscriptions in the browser Update to ContentPlaceholder […]

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