Update SPFx project to v1.9.1

The SharePoint team has released a new version of SPFx (SharePoint Framework Released 1.9.1) The changes alredy mentioned here: General Availability of Library components Tooling move from WebPack 3 to WebPack 4 Graph API and 3rd party API polishing for Microsoft Teams, mobile and desktop clients Isolated web part model supported in Teams Teams Integration […]

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SPO Cmdlets – New-SPOSite

In this post I want to apply all of the options are available for the cmdlet called New-SPOSite. As the name says New-SPOSite is a cmdlet to create a new site collection, remember you must be a SPO Global admin to execute the command. Important, take note before applied this command, if you create a […]

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SPFx Basics – Hide a web part

In SharePoint Online when you uploaded your webpart is automatically displayed (well after you installed on your site) when a user edit the site page. In some scenarios is not a good option to leave defaults parameters because some times your dev team needs to change or update the web part, and for some reasons […]

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